Moon View Vol. 13



  • Coin bureau ATOM Thesis 
  • Governance 101 
  • Akashlytics Deploy Tool Update
  • Akash V0.14.0
  • Web3 Index Convo
  • Opera X IXO
  • 500+ Active Deployments


  • Network Stats website 
  • 200k Transactions In 30 Days
  • DecentralHacks 2021
  • Proposal #5
  • The Duran w/ Crypto Rich &Dan Edlebeck 
  • Android VPN App Beta Testing
  • Proposal #6
  • Polarity Exchange Listing 
  • Successful Chain Upgrade
  • Kucoin Exchange Listing


  • Top DEX 's By TVL Growth
  • Community Support DAO 
  • Privacy In Cosmos DEFI Edition 
  • Chain Upgrade


  • OmniFlix Studios
  • Community Update #16
  • OmniFlix Juno Staking UI
  • Community Update #17


  • E-Money IBC Upgrade
  • First Stable Coin Listing On Osmosis

Coin bureau ATOM Thesis-

Governance 101-

Akashlytics Deploy Tool Update-

Akash V0.14.0-

Web3 Index Convo-

Opera X IXO-

500+ Active Deployments-

Network Stats website-

200k Transactions In 30 Days-

DecentralHacks 2021-

Proposal #5-

The Duran w/ Crypto Rich &Dan Edlebeck-

Android VPN App Beta Testing-

Proposal #6-

Polarity Exchange Listing-

Successful Chain Upgrade-

The Sentinel chain has successfully upgraded! Most validators were present during upgrade time and consensus was reached at record speeds! We 'd like to personally thank the Sentinel team and a special shot out goes to Tony Stark on Telegram for assisting any validator who needed ihelp during the upgrade. Truly a great community!

Kucoin Exchange Listing-

Top DEX 's By TVL Growth-

Community Support DAO-

Privacy In Cosmos DEFI Edition- 

Chain Upgrade-

OmniFlix Studios-

Community Update #16-

- Announcing the end of FlixNet-2

- Mint NFTs w/ OmniFlix Studio &@OmniFlixTV on #FlixNet2

- 150+ collections minted w/ 289+ NFTs

- Community 's thoughts on Studio &TV

OmniFlix Juno Staking UI-

Community Update #17-

- Planning for FlixNet-3

- Focus on the design of Nucleus

- Branding for a new show/meetup

E-Money IBC Upgrade-

First Stable Coin Listing On Osmosis-