Moon View Vol. 14



  • Deploy Backup Configs
  • 25K Total Deployments
  • Supermini Update
  • Product Roadmap 2022
  • Handy Host Release
  • Proposal #13
  • Partnership: Kava
  • Strangeclan NFT Giveaway
  • Listing: Hotbit


  • dVPN On Trading View
  • Redesigned VPN App
  • Handy Host Release
  • Redelegation Campaign
  • Hack Atom VI
  • DEFI Times W/ Dan Edlebeck


  • Superfluid Staking Guide
  • 10/13 Updates From the Lab
  • Osmosis on Ape Board
  • Keplr Mobile Osmosis Support


  • Juno Staking Guide
  • Community Update #18
  • Cosmoverse Media Partnership
  • Community Update #19
  • Flix Talk
  • NFT Market Place
  • Cosmoverse Metaverse
  • Partnership: Mango Music Label


  • Emeris Integration
  • Incentivized Osmosis Pools
  • GUM Integration

Deploy Backup Configs-

Watch as Anthony Rosa shows us how to deploy a backup of your app on a non-Equinix provider on Akash.

25K Total Deployments-

Supermini Update-

Product Roadmap 2022-

Handy Host Release-

Proposal #13-

Following the success of proposals 7 and 10, as previously discussed in the forum, this is a new proposal to increase the maximum validators and thus the decentralization of the network based on the available known good validators currently in the inactive set.

Partnership: Kava-

Strangeclan NFT Giveaway-

Listing: Hotbit-

dVPN On Trading View-

Redesigned VPN App-

Handy Host Release-

Redelegation Campaign-

Hack Atom VI-

DEFI Times W/ Dan Edlebeck-

Superfluid Staking Guide-

10/13 Updates From The Lab-

Osmosis On Ape Board-

Keplr Mobile Osmosis Support-

Juno Staking Guide-

Community Update #18-

Cosmoverse Media Partnership-

Community Update #19-

Flix Talk-

NFT Market Place-

Cosmoverse Metaverse-

Partnership: Mango Music Label-

Emeris Integration-

Incentivized Osmosis Pools-

GUM Integration-