Moon View Vol. 15



  • The Data Scientists Show
  • The Rise of Cosmos
  • Messari Web3 Adoption
  • Defi &Cross-Chain Interoperability
  • $AKT Perpetual Futures Contracts
  • Developing &Deploying on Akash
  • Decentralized Github
  • Create an IBC 101 Blogpost Win AKT!
  • DCentralon
  • Rise of Cosmos
  • Akash Team on Finpact
  • Akash Network Stats
  • Defi Times : What Is Akash
  • Greg On Yahoo Finance
  • Akash Presents Intro to Blockchain
  • Sifchain AKT Trading Competition
  • Clutch Staking : What Is Akash


  • dVPN Global Usage
  • dVPN App Update
  • Rise of Cosmos
  • Fiat Gateway
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest


  • Osmosis Mobile Onboarding
  • Updates From the Lab W/ Do Kwon
  • Osmosis Governance Update
  • Osmosis Halloween!
  • 50 Million 24 Hr Volume
  • Osmosis Foundation 21M Strategic Raising
  • Osmosis Community DAO
  • Osmosis Marketing DAO


  • Community Update #20
  • Omniflix NFT
  • Cosmoverse Omniflix Metaverse Broadcast
  • Community Update #21
  • Cosmoverse Leak
  • Gamiotronics


  • September Monthly Report
  • Popcorn DAO
  • $REGEN : $EEUR Boot Strap Osmosis Liquidity
  • Crypto Differ
  • AscendEX X Hummingbot

The Data Scientist Show-

The Rise of Cosmos-

Messari Web3 Adoption-

DeFi &Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon-

$AKT Perpetual Futures Contracts-

Developing and Deploying on Akash-

Decentralized Github Replacement-

Create an IBC 101 Blogpost Win AKT!-


Rise of Cosmos-

Akash Team on Finpact-

Akash Network Stats-

Defi Times What Is Akash-

Greg On Yahoo Finance-

Akash Presents Intro to Blockchain-

Sifchain AKT Competition-

Clutch Staking: What Is Akash-

dVPN Global Usage-

dVPN App Update-

Rise of Cosmos-

Fiat Gateway for dVPN-

Pumpkin Carving Contest-

Community Update #19-

Updates From the Lab W/ Do Kwon-

Osmosis Governance Update-

Osmosis Halloween!-

50 Million 24 Hr Volume-

Osmosis Foundation 21M Strategic Raising-

Osmosis Community DAO-

The proposal for the Community DAO has passed. After the first proposal was voted no the Community DAO went through much deliberation and re aligned themselves with what the community expected from such a DAO. Follow the Community DAO 's Twitter for more updates.

Osmosis Marketing DAO-

The Osmosis Marketing DAO proposal passed! The DAO 's first produced piece of content was an Osmosis explainer video by Coney Daddy. Expect to hear more soon!

Community Update #20-

Omniflix NFT-

Cosmoverse Omniflix Metaverse Broadcast-

Community Update #21-

Cosmoverse Leak/Sneak Peak-


September Monthly Report-

Popcorn DAO-

$REGEN : $EEUR Booot Strap Osmosis Liquidity-

Crypto Differ-

AscendEX X Humming Bot-