Moon View Vol. 16



  • Community Demo Day
  • Akash Network Telegram
  • Akash X Arweave Hackathon
  • Akash X Agoric Hackathon
  • Craft Economy Powered by Akash
  • Borrow on Kava w/ $AKT
  • Portfolio Battle
  • Priv8 Virtual Summit


  • #WhyCosmos: DefiTimes
  • #WhyCosmos: Catdotfish
  • Dan Edlebeck @ Cosmoverse
  • Exidio Co on Nasdaq
  • 1TB of Data consumed


  • $700mm TVL
  • HackAtom Osmosis Challenge
  • Dual Incentives for Terra
  • Osmosis Featured on The Block


  • Cosmoverse Metaverse Highlights
  • OmniFlix X Starname
  • Cosmoverse Youtube Coverage
  • Community Update #23
  • HackAtom Media Partner
  • OmniFlix Studio Update
  • Community Update #24


  • Sifchain Bonus Pool
  • Elfin Kingdom
  • Citizen Cosmos Ft Henrik Aasted
  • Crypto Differ
  • AscendEX X Hummingbot

Community Demo Day-

Akash Network Telegram-

Chat on the new Akash Network Telegram @

Akash X Arweave Hackathon-

Akash X Agoric Hackathon-

Craft Economy Powered by Akash-

Borrow on Kava w/ $AKT-

Portfolio Battle-

Priv8 Virtual Summit-

#WhyCosmos: DefiTimes-

#WhyCosmos: Catdotfish-

Dan Edlebeck @ Cosmoverse-

Fiat Gateway for dVPN-

Exidio Co on Nasdaq-

Dan from @Exidio_co writes for Nasdaq on how blockchain and decentralization is helping to protect against censorship."#dVPN networks democratize internet access, allowing anyone in the world to connect to the network and evade surveillance."

1TB of Data Consumed-

$700mm TVL-

HackAtom Osmosis Challenge-

Dual Incentives for Terra-

Osmosis Featured on The Block-

Cosmoverse Metaverse Highlights-

Omniflix X Starname-

Cosmoverse Youtube Coverage-

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Community Update #23-

HackAtom Media Partner-

OmniFlix Studio Update-

Community Update #24-

Sifchain Bonus Pool-

Elfin Kingdom-

Citizen Cosmos Ft Henrik Aasted-