Moon View Vol. 8

Chandra Station Updates-

We have officially launched our dev shop. Initially, Chandra Station will provide validator hosting and Akash Deployment specific services. Contact us by filling the short form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

“Working with Chalabi from Chandra Station was a testament to that team’s professionalism and competence. It gives us great confidence knowing so many talented people are part of our community and are willing to help each other build a more decentralized world.” — Trey Zeluff, Director of Digital Asset Strategy of Fertitta Entertainment (Clutch Staking)


  • Greg featured on The NY Times
  • Steak Wallet Listing
  • This Week In Cosmos
  • x509 Certificates
  • Videocoin on Akash
  • Deployment Milestones
  • Unstoppable Cloud Live Stream (Skynet X Akash)
  • Machine Learning on Akash
  • Cosmos Omnibus (Akash on Akash with Akash for Akash 😂)


  • AscendEX Listing
  • Stacking Ventures
  • $DVPN Incentive Program
  • DVPN Node on Akash Competition
  • Host a DVPN Node


  • Chinese Content
  • Zero Knowledge Podcast Episode 188
  • LP Bonding Dual Token Rewards

Steak Wallet Listing-

Greg Featured on The New York Times-

This Week in Cosmos-

Check out Akash CEO Greg Osuri on the newest episode of This Week in Cosmos! Greg starts with a breif introduction on himself and the Akash Network. Cryptocito , Fabian and Juri speak with Greg about problems surronding current cloud compute services and how Akash can solve so many of them!

x509 Certificates-

Videocoin on Akash-

Learn how to deploy a Videocoin Worker on the Akash Network. Provide compute to live streamers and content creators and earn VID coin!

Deployment Milestones-

Unstoppable Cloud Live Stream (Skynet X Akash)-

Join Adam Wozney and Colin Lowenberg with special guest Daniel Helm on this episode of the Unstoppable Cloud Live Stream. Colin and Daniel speak on the partnership between Akash and Sky Net.

Machine Learning on Akash-

Check out community member Teeyeeyang ’s guide on how to utilize the Akash Network for machine learning.

Cosmos Omnibus-

Check out Colin ’s awesome guide on utilizing Cosmos Omnibus to deploy CosmosSDK Nodes on the Akash Network.

Also shout out to Tom Beynon he really is the GOAT, here is a link to his Omnibus Github repository.

AscendEX Listing-

Stacking Ventures-

Join the Sentinel Team as they speak about their background, what Sentinel is and goals for the decentralized VPN in the future.

$DVPN Incentive Program-

With the transition of Sentinel on Ethereum to Cosmos a series of incentivized programs will commence.

-Node hosts
-dVPN application users
-White-label operators
-$DVPN token stakers
-Ecosystem Developers

Read more here:

DVPN Node on Akash Competition-

Altcoin Buzz-

Host a DVPN Node-

Host a dVPN Node and get paid to provide bandwidth to the decentralized vpn network. Follow the links in the tweet for various guides to get you started.

Chinese Content-

Content for the Chinese community! Thank you Forbole!

Zero Knowledge Podcast Episode 188-

Osmosis brings some interesting innovations to the AMM table, starting from the seamless IBC integration to customizable bonding curves and per-pool governance to promote experimentation. Sunny and Dev are also very passionate about the topic of MEV, diving into the various types of value extraction, how MEV is mitigated on other networks and how it could be largely eliminated on Osmosis through threshold cryptography.

LP Bonding Dual Token Rewards-

Now you can also earn AKT from pools while still earning OSMO for providing liquidity on Osmosis.