Moon View Vol. 9


  • AKT Rewards in Osmosis
  • Emeris will support AKT
  • Akash Community Fund/CAB
  • Proposal #9
  • Akash RU
  • Partnership: Simply VC
  • Radicle Community Call #2
  • Partnership: Filebase
  • Citadel DAO AKT Integration


  • Emeris will support dVPN
  • Altcoin Buzz News
  • Regional Community Groups
  • Crypto Rich YT w/ Dan Edelbeck &Adrianna Mendez
  • Solar DVPN
  • Cryptocito w/ Dan Edelbeck &Adrianna Mendez
  • Partnership: StrongBlock


  • Cosmostation Wallet Updates
  • Dogemosis?!


  • Testnet live!
  • Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’
  • OmniFlix Network Community Update #8
  • Season 2 Episode 4 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’
  • OmniFlix Network Community Update #7
  • Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’

AKT Rewards in Osmosis-

Provide liquidity in the AKT/ATOM or AKT/OSMO pools on Osmosis and receive native AKT as a reward on top of your OSMO rewards!

Emeris will support AKT-

AKT will be available right away during the Emeris launch some time in August! Swap and pool your sweet tokens for AKT via IBC :-)

Akash Community Fund/CAB-

The CAB, shortfor Community Awards Board, will be responsible for deciding who receives funding from the the Developer Program &Community Fund. For funding amounts greater then $1,000, the CAB will review the proposals made on the Akash Discourse and deploy funds to projects that bring the most value to the Network.

Proposal #9-

Proposal #9 was proof that governance works and differing opinions can find common ground. The discussion around proposal #9 resulted in us making an ammendment! Check it out here:

Akash RU-

Partnership: Simply VC-

What we value in our partnership with Simply VC is that we share a vision for a truly decentralized cloud. Can a network be truly decentralized if it exists on a centralized cloud? Simply VC doesn’t think so, and neither do we. That’s why Simply VC runs all of their validator operations out of their own Tier 3 data center. That’s also why we chose to partner with Simply to bring their capacity, validator operation, and vision to our cloud marketplace.

Partnership: Filebase-

Filebase is offering 1 TB of free Object Storage by using code: AKASH

Citadel One AKT Integration-
“ is modernizing how users interact with digital assets, and removes barriers to entry by simplifying the user experience with an all-one-one, cross-chain, non-custodial management platform. With supporting AKT, it expands and simplifies access, while educating and growing our community overall.”, The Boz Menzalji said, COO at Akash.

Emeris will support dVPN-

dVPN will be available right away on Emeris some time in August! Swap and pool your sweet tokens for dVPN via IBC :-)

Altcoin Buzz News-

Regional Community Groups-

Sentinel has 20 (and growing!) regional community groups.
Join and chat with fellow blufrens by clicking one of the links before!
India —
Indonesia —
Iranian —
Italian —
Japanese —
Pilipinas —
Romanian —
Africa —
Bangladesh —
Chinese —
France —
Germany —
Russian —
Spanish —
Swedish —
Thai —
Turkey —
Ukraine —
Vietnamese —

Crypto Rich YT w/ Dan Edelbeck &Adrianna Mendez-\

Crypto Rich speaks with Dan Edelbeck (CEO of Exidio) and Adrianna Mendez (CMO of Exidio) about current and upcoming Sentinel Network features and upgrades!

Get the scoop:
>desktop GUI for #dVPN node hosting
>$DVPN node incentives
>iOS and Android apps
>@IndigitusVPN router
>Whitelabel dVPNs

Solar dVPN-

Cryptocito w/ Dan Edelbeck &Adrianna Mendez-

Join Dan Edelbeck CEO of Exidio &Adrianna Mendez CMO of Exidio and Cryptocito as they speak about Sentinel’s migration to Cosmos from Ethereum and many other upcoming upgrades!

-@Cosmos migration, prev Eth
-IBC implementation + benefits
-VPN industry &challenges
-$DVPN circulating economy
-Sentinel value proposition

Partnership: StrongBlock-
Sentinel partners with StrongBlock to grow node ecosystem and increase dVPN utility
Sentinel announces partnership with StrongBlock, the leading global Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider.

Cosmostation Wallet Updates-

Cosmostation Wallet has implemented Osmosis swap and pool features on. The IBC wallet in action!


What the hell is this? What does it mean? Someone… ANSWER ME!!!

New Background on the Osmosis site leads us to believe Osmosis will support multi chain swaps?! (not confirmed)

Testnet is Live!-

There are over 750 active validators on the OmniFlix Test Network!

During the launch, the sheer size of active validators drove block times up and caused inconsistencies in the network. But, thanks to contributions made by many different Cosmos validators and researchers, the network stabilized and we were signing blocks again 🎉. Shout out to everyone lending a helping hand in the telegram and discord channels! If you see us in there say hello and if you have any questions or need any support reach out to us either through discord or twitter. Chandra Station is excited for what the future holds for OmniFlix!

Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’-

OmniFlix Network Community Update #8-
We’re back with the latest Community Update of @OmniFlixNetwork , that includes coverage about engineering, design &community during the past week and details activities for the current week

Season 2 Episode 4 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’-

OmniFlix Network Community Update #7-
- Updates about FlixNet-1, the first public testnet of @OmniFlixNetwork
- Success of the ‘1 JUNO Delegator’ Telegram group
- Studio (v2) wireframes

Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Conversations w/ Jack’-